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If civil engineering works are provided through a 3rd party, who will ARF Highway Services use?

​ARF Highway Services (ARFHS) will only ever employ the services of contractors who are not only reputable and experienced within the industry but who are also able to deliver works safely, professionally, to an extremely high standard and who can provide a robust guarantee and/or maintenance period for any works they undertake, dependant on the nature of the works being delivered. Some of these contractors will also have undertaken works on behalf of local highway authorities. Where possible ARFHS will employ the services of contractors local to the area of any proposed works. ARFHS will also ensure that contractors are fully insured for public liability and public indemnity prior to be appointed.


What products are specified during civil engineering works?

For the public highway only highway/industry-approved products for their intended use will be specified meaning that products are not only expected to be robust but also safe for highway users. ARFHS will also seek reasonable guarantees and assurances from the manufacturer/supplier against  failure of a product which is associated with manufacturing processes only. ARFHS will also ensure that any product specified meets with the approval of the local highway authority for the purposes of asset management and maintenance. Products specified for use on the public highway can also be considered for use on unadopted roads and private facilities if deemed necessary or suitable.

What type of traffic management equipment are used and who provides them?

All traffic management equipment (e.g. traffic cones, safety barriers, temporary traffic signs) will be TSRGD 2016 and British Standard compliant and will be deployed on the public highway in accordance with the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 and Safety at Street Works and Road Works: A Code of Practice to ensure road and public safety is maintained as well as providing clear and concise information to highway users. These standards will also apply for use on unadopted roads and private facilities.  All equipment will be supplied by approved specialist traffic management companies and/or ARFHS.

​Can services be provided for unadopted roads and private facilities?

ARFHS provides the same degree and standards of services for private facilities and unadopted roads as those for the public highway (i.e. adopted roads). However, if you are not the owner(s) of the unadopted road or private facility for which you are seeking services for you will need to require written consent from the owner(s) first, before ARFHS can provide its services.

Is ARFHS insured?

ARFHS is covered by valid public liability and public indemnity insurance policies.

​What are ARFHS's payment arrangements?

ARFHS will submit an invoice upon completion of delivering its services. Payment of all invoices will be required within 28 days of an invoice date. All invoices will be itemised.


For Contract packages,  an advance  payment of 50% will be required for package A6 and A12 with the outstanding amount being invoiced for after the end of a contract period.

If you have any questions which have not been covered above, please do not hesitate to contact ARFHS .

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