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Event Traffic Management

Event traffic management plans, Traffic management equipment, Highway licences,

Traffic management personnel and Complete event traffic management solutions 

If you’re organising an event, whether it’ll be held on the public highway or private facilities, ARF Highway Services (ARFHS) can deliver various individual and comprehensive traffic management solutions to ensure your specific requirements are met, providing you with the reassurance that traffic and pedestrian movements will be managed effectively and safely. ARFHS will always ensure public and highway safety is paramount and will not be compromised.

ARFHS provides comprehensive event traffic management plans, narrating and illustrating in extreme detail every aspect of all highways and transport management requirements that will be necessary to support your event. Alternatively, if you have a traffic management plan already prepared ARFHS can fully assess it prior to its inclusion in your event management plan to make sure your event will be backed-up by effective, robust and safe traffic management measures.


TSRGD/Chapter 8 compliant traffic management equipment, including signage, can be provided and deployed by ARFHS, directly or via our approved traffic management partners,  to compliment traffic management plans, giving you total reassurance that all local and national traffic management requirements will be met and making sure the details of any traffic management plan are depicted ‘on-site’.

If your event will be held on the public highway ARFHS can liaise directly with the local highway authority on your behalf to ensure all of their requirements are met as well as identifying if road space can be occupied to enable total, legal and safe delivery of your event as well as ensuring complete implementation of a traffic management plan. If any part of a public highway requires occupying ARFHS can apply for the relevant highway licenses on your behalf too, including statutory road closure applications.

If public transport, hackney carriages and on-street parking will be affected by your event ARFHS will liaise with the relevant local authorities to try and ensure disruption to these services are minimised or if temporary solutions to maintain these services during your event can be introduced.


An events traffic management officer will be provided for your event if a traffic management plan and traffic management equipment are provided by ARFHS while, depending on your event and the scale and type of traffic management measures required, NHSS/SWQR accredited traffic management operatives can also be provided to assist with the delivery of various  event traffic management measures provided by ARFHS as well as ensuring traffic management equipment is monitored and maintained.






















Safety, Security and Car park management 

In addition to providing traffic management plans for events ARFHS can also provide security personnel to enable your event, its visitors and partners to remain safe, protected and have peace of mind. All security personnel, provided through our diligently approved  event security partners, are proficient, licensed and experienced. 

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures can also be provided to minimise the impact of vehicle incursions, ensuring your event remains safe from hostile vehicle incursions.

Additional services such as crowd-control, stewarding and car park marshalling can also be provided through ARFHS’ security partners.






Event shuttle bus services


If your event will be providing visitors with a dedicated car parking facility which isn't located within close proximity to the event, or transport connectivity is required between your event and various locations or other transport modes, ARFHS can assist you in providing shuttle bus services to/from your event through bus/coach operators.



Please do not hesitate to contact ARFHS for further information or clarification on all the currently available event traffic management services. If there is a specific event traffic management service requirement you are interested in but it isn't listed, again, please do not hesitate to contact ARFHS.


Event Traffic Management

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