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Roadworks and Road Closures Information

To assist in planning your journey on the public highway is an excellent resource for identifying current and forthcoming roadworks, road closures and live incidents throughout the United Kingdom. Information on this website is entered by both highway authorities and works promoters. Click on the logo  below for further information. 



ARF Highway Services is not responsible for the management of the website including its content. Please contact direct should you have queries with this external website.

Worcestershire Local Information

If you live in, or travel around, Worcestershire and would like to be aware of some local highways, traffic and transport information in the county you can keep up to date by following ARF Highway Services' Rural Highways Worcestershire and/or Urban Highways Worcestershire Facebook pages. Click on the logos below for further information.

Rural Highways Worcestershire and Urban Highways Worcestershire are brands of ARF Highway Services.

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